About Us


Protecting the environment has been a growing concern across the globe. People now recognize that in order to flourish and sustain growth, we must be stewards of the earth we live in. Awareness of environmental issues and the technology needed in protecting the environment have undergone massive changes and development. At the same time, systems which analyze how we can make the environment work for us: manage resources efficiently; reduce waste and optimize profits; and select the proper technology to better harness energy tailored to specific needs and areas of businesses, should be the backbone of our environmental planning.

Envicient envisions a world of environmental efficiency. We help clients in their environmental planning. Whether it is to evaluate how resources such as water or energy is used in a manufacturing plant or tracking down food waste in a food processing facility, analyzing pollutants in water bodies, to helping decide which renewable energy and corresponding technology is appropriate for an enterprise, we bring you our multi-disciplinary approach to environmental planning.