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Material and Substance Flow Analysis (MFA & SFA)

This is a mass balance approach to studying a range of materials and substances. From food waste to plastics to Nitrogen and Phosphorus that cause eutrophication, Envicient uses this methodology to analyze the sources, pathways and sinks of materials or substances that may be the foremost concern of an enterprise, a government entity, an international organization or a NGO. The MFA and SFA is a tool to analyze how we can better use resources to decrease our production costs as well as to reduce pollution in the environment.

Sustainability Reports

We tailor our sustainability reports to the needs of our clients. Be it energy; water; and resources such as wood, paper, plastics, alloys and specific substances, we conceptualize systems that track these materials and substances, then we evaluate and report on their usage. Envicient also formulates solutions and recommendations as to the efficient use of the above resources.

We also tackle the newest trend in sustainability reports, the human aspect of enterprises and organizations. Human rights, ethics, and governance may also be included in our sustainability reports.

Our roster of specialists will be tapped to fulfill our clients’ specific needs.

Efficient Energy Systems

We develop efficient energy systems for enterprises, resorts, villages, governments. Our energy systems have a holistic approach, taking into consideration the environment in which the people live and work in, the resources available, and the most energy-efficient and cost-efficient methods of harnessing energy.

Environmental Concepts

We help our clients envision projects and programs related to fulfill the results of our sustainability reports and material or substance flow analysis. Envicient also conceptualizes projects and programs that will put into practice the methods of resource and waste efficiency. Lastly, we develop projects that will bring into fruition renewable energy systems to be utilized and maintained by the stakeholders of a certain locality or region. In an era where CSR is gearing towards environmental protection, we bridge companies and stakeholders such as local people, governments, IOs and NGOs to come together to fulfill a common environmental goal.